The Puppy Diaries, Entry #4: Memorable Firsts With Our New Pup

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Lessons Learned from My Vet
Our vet advised getting a regular grooming routine started early, including bathing. The sooner you acclimate your pup, the less she will resist. And while bath time might never become her favorite, but it’s a lot easier to tolerate when it’s simply a part of her routine.

My Favorite Puppy Articles
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Puppy Diary Series: Sit, Stay, Play

Join our resident Pup Mom on her puppy parenthood journey in our Puppy Diaries Series.

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About Puppy Diaries

Puppy Diaries is an ongoing series that explores the journey of pet parenthood, from making the decision to get a puppy, to bringing a puppy home, to the joys and struggles of training, and beyond. Laura Tiebert, our resident Pup Mom, is an experienced nonfiction writer and first-time puppy parent who lives in Minnesota with her husband, two sons and new puppy.


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