What Causes Bad Breath in Puppies?

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Herbs. A natural way to help your puppies bad breath by offering herbs. You can add ½ teaspoon of fresh cut mint, parsley or coriander leaves to your puppy’s food or offer as a treat. You can also make a “tea” that you can add to their drinking water. Learn more about how to use herbs to help your puppies breath in this article: Home Remedies for Your Puppies’ Bad Breath.

Water. Offer fresh clean water to your puppy every day. Scrub the water bowl at least weekly with mild detergent and rinse well.

Pick your puppy’s food with care. Feed a high-quality diet formulated for puppies. Ensure the food you are feeding is not expired. Seal open bags or store in a sealed container.  Wash the food bowls daily.

We hope this article helps provide you with more information on bad breath in puppies and provide you with some home remedies for bad breath.

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