What to Expect from Your 9-month-old Puppy

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Have you noticed that your puppy has started shedding like crazy? That’s because his coat changes at this age. He may lose his fluffy puppy down and start developing a more mature coat. Brush him regularly, and get ready to pull out the vacuum frequently to keep pet hair at bay in your home.

What about puberty? Your dog is sexually mature by nine months. If the canine hasn’t been spayed or neutered, he can be responsible for fathering a litter, or she can get pregnant. If your dog is neutered or spayed, you may have heard that he or she won’t exhibit hormonal behavior. However, “fixed” dogs can still use urine to mark their territory or attract mates. Dogs tend to become more aggressive during this time even if they have been neutered.

Things To Keep In Mind

If you’re having trouble controlling your nine-month-old puppy, remember that a tired dog is usually a well-behaved dog. You don’t have to walk for hours or run your pet around the dog park every day, even just engaging his mind with training, play, and puzzles can tire him out. Take the role of the pack leader and provide clear consistent commands. Maintaining an appropriate puppy routine can help your pet have good manners. Soon, you’ll be wondering what to expect from your 12-month old dog.


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