Dog Tips for Finicky Dogs: What is Your Role?

How do you respond when your dog refuses to eat? Do you pet him, console him, hand-feed him, etc.? If you are giving your dog positive reinforcements when he is finicky, he may avoid eating until he gets the extra attention he desires.

One common method for feeding finicky dogs is that you put the food in your dog's bowl, and walk away. When your dog is hungry, he will instinctually eat for nourishment. Do not turn mealtime into a bargain for attention.

Are you able to provide your dog with routine? Most dogs like routine. Do you feed him at relatively the same time each day, or does your schedule prevent you from giving your dog regular feeding times? Dogs prefer routine. Unpredictable feeding times may be stressful to your dog and his gastrointestinal system. In these situations, an automated feeder may be ideal for your canine friend. The feeder can be set to a particular time, at which it will open for your dog to eat.

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