Dog vs. Cat: Which is Right For You?

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When you do get home, you can lie on the couch and vegetate; she’ll probably be happy to curl up with you for a nap. Cats do need play time, but the effort is less taxing on you because she’ll do the running and jumping.

And finally, cats may hate cars, but they are more easily moved than a dog. As mentioned earlier in this piece, rentals are more likely to accept a cat than a dog. For the person who moves around a lot, this is ideal.

Know Thyself

Here are some questions to ask when deciding between a dog and a cat.

  • Are you the active, outdoorsy type? If you want to play with your pet outside, a dog may be the right choice. This isn’t to say that cats cannot be taken outside under your close supervision or walked on a leash, but a dog is much more likely to enjoy the experience.
  • Do you mind daily walks? Remember, this is necessary for a dog in rain, sleet or snow, unless you have a specific place for your dog to go in the house.
  • What does your family want? Choosing a dog or cat should be a family decision.
  • Do you have children under 7 years old? Experts say children should be between 7 and 9 years old before getting a dog. Dogs may not tolerate the antics of children, or they may even hurt children accidentally during play. Although you should always keep an eye on the kids and the pets together, it is even more important with a dog.
  • How neat are you? Living with a pet usually means cleaning up hair. Some dogs and cats shed less than others, but all do shed to an extent. Dogs generally require more clean up, even if they are housebroken. Some breeds drool a lot, which will give you something more to clean up.
  • Do you want to feel needed? Dogs and cats may both get excited and greet you when you come home, but a dog will stay excited. A cat will seek affection on her terms, not yours.
  • Do you need to be “Number 1”? A properly trained dog (one that doesn’t see himself as the alpha wolf) will look to you for leadership and strive to please you. Your relationship with your cat will not be that one-sided. Her independence may bring your relationship to that of equal (or even higher than you).



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