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One other question that arises is “Should I feed my puppy treats and, if so, what is acceptable?” Healthy treats are best and these can be either part of the puppy’s normal ration that is held back to be supplied periodically throughout the day for reward pleasing behaviors. Wet food is more of a reward than dry food and can be reserved for use in this way. Alternatively, proprietary puppy treats may be used. The important thing about treats is that they should be small and should not be given too often or they will imbalance the diet. It is a really bad idea to feed pups human food, which they will probably prefer over their well-balanced puppy rations. Eating human food can turn them into finicky eaters and they may end up holding out for hot dog or steak and not eating their proper fill of puppy food. Another absolute “no-no” is feeding the pup from the table as this will lead to bad habits of begging and pestering people at mealtimes.Start out the way you intend to continue. Another strong recommendation: no raw food. While some people will tell you that raw food is natural, so is disease. Over 50% of certain supermarket meats were found to have superficial contamination with Salmonella or Campylobacter, so feeding raw foods is playing Russian roulette with your pup’s gastrointestinal tract, and possibly his life (It doesn’t take long for a vomiting and diarrhoeic pup to become dehydrated and electrolyte deficient and thus seriously weakened).


Another thing new puppy owners wonder is whether they should feed their new pup vitamins or mineral supplements. The answer to this is that if you are feeding proper puppy food that is complete and balanced, additional vitamins and minerals are not only unnecessary and expensive but may also even be harmful under some circumstances.

So what’s the bottom line? The answer is really that puppy owners should feed proprietary high quality AAFCO-approved food in the manner recommended by the manufacturers. Puppies should eat regularly and its eating habits should be observed to ensure that it does not eat too much or too little and that it does not become sick. All this may sound like common sense, but it’s amazing how many people get it wrong. Fortunately for you, now that you’ve read this piece, you won’t be one of them.


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