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Top Female Dog Names and Their Meanings

What is in a dog’s name? There are lists of common dog names, but…what do they mean? Are certain dog names associated with certain traits?

Dogs have various characteristics and personalities. For example, some dogs are laid back, while others energetic, and some are loving, while others are more independent. Ideally, pet parents want to pick the perfect name for their new family member, one that fits the dog’s unique personality.

Below are 32 girl dog names, accompanied by information about the origin, meaning, and physical & personality characteristics associated with each name. We hope this information gives you inspiration!

The Meaning Behind the Top 32 Female Dog Names

The following are characteristics associated with each girl dog name:


Dogs named Bella are often small and pretty. They are generally agile and graceful. Most Bellas are very loyal to their owners and used to being spoiled. Bellas like to be fussed over with grooming, nail painting, or playing dress up. Their favorite color is pink! Bella is one of the most common girl dog names used in the United States. Origin: Italian. Meaning: Beautiful.


Lucy is the perfect name for a spoiled dog. Lucys are loved and given lots of attention and time. Most Lucys are smart dogs and good problem solvers. They are alert and not much gets by them without them knowing about it. Many dogs named Lucy are described as “beautiful.” Origin: Latin. Meaning: Light and learning.


Bailey is a unisex name that is often used on both male and female dogs. Female dogs named Bailey are generally sweet and kind. They like quiet times spent alone with their owners. They often have a “sweet tooth” and will beg if given the opportunity. Origin: English. Meaning: Bailiff.


Dogs named Lola are thoughtful, friendly dogs. They frequently evaluate the situation before jumping right in. They are loveable. Lola is a diminutive of Dolores. Origin: Spanish and English. Meaning: “Lady of Sorrows,” a name believed to be taken from a title for the Virgin Mary.


Dogs named Daisy are sweet dogs with loving personalities. They are frequently low-key with quiet tendencies. They like to play at times, but prefer to sleep. Origin: Latin. Meaning: “Day’s Eye,” also associated with the flower, which has a yellow center and white petals.


Molly is a great dog name. Mollys come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are generally gentle and sweet-natured. Most dogs named Molly have pretty faces. They are also very trusting. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: “Wished-for child,” a variation of Mary.


Dogs named Chloe are often larger-breed dogs with very loving and loyal personalities. They aim to please and can be quite “care-free.” Origin: Greek. Meaning: “Young, green bud”


Sincere and sweet are two words often used to describe Sophies. They can be creative and like to play. They prefer the company of humans over other dogs. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Wisdom.


Dogs named Sadie are kind and sweet. Sadies are often intuitive and have penetrating eyes. When they look at you – you feel as though they know exactly what you’re thinking. People that meet dogs named Sadie often say, “What a Sweet Dog!” Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Princess.


Many dogs named Lily have a certain purity. Often a name given to white dogs, the name Lily is perfect for any dog with a pure heart. Origin: English. Meaning: From the name of the flower, which is a symbol of purity.


Dogs named Coco are often brown in color or small-breed dogs. They are loving and loyal to their owners, while also being spoiled and a bit fussy at times. Many dogs named Coco are described as “elegant.” Origin: French. Meaning: Brash.


Most dogs named Maggie are happy and mild-mannered. They prefer to be with their owners instead of on their own. They love to be loved and give TONS of love back in return. A lot of dogs named Maggie like to communicate with you, either through whines, barks, or with their eyes. Maggie is one of the most popular names for sweet dogs. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Pearl, derived from Margaret.


Dogs named Gracie are often graceful, agile, and sweet. They can be described as sincere and devoted companions, who are energetic and love to play. They often have an inner “wild” streak that occasionally peeks out. Origin: Latin. Meaning: Faithful.


Ginger is a common name given to dogs that are ginger in color, which is a blend of red and brown. Golden Retrievers, Irish Setters, and Brittany Spaniels are commonly named Ginger. Most Gingers are sweet, although they can borderline on selfish and prefer to be in a single-dog household. They often have a “girl next door” appearance to strangers. Origin: Latin. Meaning: Spring-like, a flourishing or pungent spice.


Dogs named Zoe are strong leaders. They can be quiet and thoughtful, but able to read your mind and know what you are thinking. They prefer your company over anything else. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Life.


The name “Princess” is often associated with smaller-breed dogs with a lot of charisma. At least they show charisma to their owners, since it isn’t obvious to their veterinarian and groomer. They like to look “pretty” and are often dressed in pink clothes, collars, or bandanas. Origin: English. Meaning: Royal Daughter.


Angel is a name often associated with a quiet, tranquil dog. They are thoughtful, loving, and very loyal, but may be suspicious of strangers and slow to warm up to new people. They are trustworthy friends and good at keeping secrets. Origin: English. Meaning: Angel or Messenger.


Lady is a wonderful dog name and often given to Cocker Spaniels due to the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. Dogs named Lady are generally smart and have very keen sense of hearing and smell. They are loyal to their owners, but often leery of strangers. Origin: Unknown. Meaning: Cagey, also a female title of nobility.


Dogs named Sasha often come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most Sashas are eager to please and very caring. They are also good listeners and love it when you talk to them. They like to go on walks and spend quiet time with their owner. Origin: Greek. Meaning: “Defending men,” helpmate.


Abby is a good dog name and associated with a happy, free-spirited dog. Abbys act like they’ve never met a stranger and seem to really love their lives. They have a fondness for treats. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: My Father’s Delight.


Many dogs named Roxy are completely spoiled. They are sweet dogs and loyal to their owners. Some even describe themselves as one-owner dogs, meaning they really set up loyalties to one person more than others. They are sweet and can be described as “adorable.” Origin: American English. Meaning: Sunny.


Dogs named Missy are sweet and often quiet. They can be described as “shy.” They are loving dogs and like to spend quiet time with their owners. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Soft-spoken.


Brandy is a wonderful dog name associated with smart independent dogs with big personalities and lots of spirit. Dogs named Brandy can be described as creative, as they will create their own games to play. They are generally sweet and loving, but can be shy to strangers. Origin: English. Meaning: Burning or burnt wine.


Annie is a “girl next door” name given to many dogs with sweet, loving personalities. They can be funny and will do anything to make you smile. They love your companionship. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: Grace or Favor.


Most dogs named Katie are just downright sweet. They are honest and seem to have a certain sense of sincerity about them, being motivated by affection more than anything else. They are smart and can be well trained if given the opportunity. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Pure.


Samantha is a name given to many different sizes and breeds. One common characteristic is that these dogs are smart and intuitive. They seem to know what you are thinking. Some Samanthas can be described as “bewitched.” Origin: English. Meaning: A listener, female variation on Samuel.


Casey is one of the human names that can be given to both girl and boy dogs. It is often used for watchdogs, as the meaning relates to dogs that are strong and watchful. They are generally smart dogs and very trustworthy. Origin: French. Meaning: Brave and watchful.


Many dogs named Rosie are cheery little dogs. Often, dogs named Rosie must fight to maintain an ideal body weight. They are sweet and loyal. Origin: American English. Meaning: Rose.


Many dogs named Misty can be described as thoughtful and quiet. They are often sincere, sweet-natured, and a little shy. It takes them time to warm up to strangers but once they do, they don’t forget them. They have a keen sense of hearing and smell. Origin: American English. Meaning: Unclear or covered with mist.


Dogs named Emma are often described as “old fashioned.” They are loyal, sweet, and seem to be sensible. Origin: German. Meaning: All Containing or Universal, one who heals the universe.


This is a great dog name and often given to dogs with sandy brown coloring. Most dogs named Sandy are good-natured and caring. They are often quiet and prefer to look in your eyes to communicate rather than bark. Origin: Greek. Meaning: Defending man, the helper of mankind.


Heidi is truly a classic dog name. Dogs named Heidi are often kind and can be described as “independent.” Commonly a name given to Dachshunds, this little dog name has a big personality. Most dogs named Heidi are loyal and sweet, but relatively low energy. They like to play, but prefer naptime over everything else. They also defiantly love their treats. Origin: German. Meaning: Noble or Kind.

Choosing the Right Name for Your Dog

There are lots of ways to pick a cute girl name for your dog. Some dog owners get name inspiration from TV shows or movies (a couple of the most popular being Star Wars and Game of Thrones), human baby names, online articles, novels like The Great Gatsby, popular culture, a friend, and even trends that develop during the year.

As you choose a name for your pup, it is important to pick a name that matches your dog’s personality and follows some basic naming rules. Get more ideas for naming your dog here.

The following guidelines can help you choose the best name for your dog:

4 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

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