Finding the Right Shelter Dog: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes the one of the hardest thing we experience in life is the loss of our pets. Perhaps it is because their love is so unconditional. Or may be it is that there is a part of us that believes they will be a piece of our lives forever. Losing one dog is hard, but losing two can be devastating. I just read a story from a woman that lost two dogs in one year, but found away to bounce back.

Jude Paxton in Tennessee writes about suffering severe depression over losing two wonderful Labradors, companions for ten years. The doctor suggested that another dog might help ease the depression, but this wasn't a simple solution. Jude knew that a new dog would provide the benefits of companionship and the encouragement to get out for a walk, but the apartment manager was unwilling to allow dogs in the complex.

Jude decided that a good alternative to finding a dog from a shelter or rescue was to volunteer at one. Having watched the websites for local shelters, Jude became aware as well that they had a problem. Many of the sites had only written descriptions. Many were not taking photographs. Jude is an artist and a photographer and could help.

Jude spends a lot of time with these dogs now, waiting for their personality to shine through and photograph them. This is such an effective way to get others interested in dogs that don't have that initial draw. Puppies and purebreds often find home, but there are many older mutts that are just as worthy of a fantastic home. Jude tries to show this with the camera and help them on their journey to their forever home.

Jude notes that an older dog is a great decision. Puppies are a tremendous amount of work and training. Not to mention getting an already house-broken dog is a wonderful bonus. Jude has met some of the adopters of dogs like this that have benefited from great photography and thinks that it really makes the effort worth the while.

There are many ways to help dogs in need and adopting isn't the only way that you can help. And sometimes if you have lost a dog and are grieving, helping other dogs also helps with the pain. Making a difference in the world is a great way to feel better. Just ask Jude.