From Puppy Mill to Puppy Love

From Puppy Mill to Puppy Love

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A little bit of love can go a very long way! Unfortunately, there are a lot of breeders out there that breed for money instead of love. These "puppy mills" churn out pups with no regard to their future or health. These dogs often end up in pet stores where again their lives are all about the bottom line. However, sometimes a dog that seems to have no hope for a good life can be saved by just the right person.

I just read a great story about a dog that almost had a sad end before she even had a chance, but the right woman found her and refused to give up on her.

Amanda lives in Upstate New York and heard from a friend of a friend about a puppy at a local pet shop that was in dire straits and about to be euthanized. She went to the store and demanded to see the pup. Upon inspection, she new the poor thing needed to see a veterinarian immediately. So Amanda took her.

It took trips to four different vets to sort out the little Australian shepherd, which Amanda named, "Mihkoa." The list of problems was long. She had tracheal collapse, hip dysplasia, severe kennel cough, separation anxiety and her coat was mess from the stress. Amanda considered euthanasia, but only for a second. Mihkoa was too full of love to give up.

It took six months of antibiotics and a lot of money in treatments, but Mihkoa got better. In fact she started doing agility in May 2005. It seemed her hips may have been misdiagnosed. Either way, she is tremendous on the agility course and is working hard to make her way to the Nationals!

Mihkoa had a happy ending, but many puppy mill dogs do not. If you are looking for a pure bred dog, make sure you buy from a respectable breeder that lets you see their facility and is picky about to whom they sell puppies. Better yet, consider rescuing a dog!

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