Get Out the Duster — How to Prepare for Dogs Shedding in Winter

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There are plenty of great products to use for when your dogs start shedding in winter. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Shorthaired dogs, like the German shorthaird pointer, benefit best from a soft bristle brush. The bristles will help pull up dead skin and hair but will also be gentle on your dog’s skin.
  • Medium coated dogs, like the Golden Retriever need stronger brushes for their thicker coats. A slicker or wire brush will be able to pull through the thick hairs without causing your dog discomfort. When grooming, you should comb your dog’s hair first and then brush.
  • For dogs with long hair, like the shih tzu, need daily brushing to keep them mat free and keep from taking over your home with their hair. If your dog does develop mats in their hair a mat rake or shedding comb can help get these out. After that, a comb and a brush daily will work.



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