Gifts for the Pet Lover Who Has Everything

Are you racking your brain for the perfect gift for the pet lover? Think outside the box! There is a universe of gifts ranging from the useful to the whimsical, all guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite pet lover's face. Here are a few ideas we found to get you started.

Family Return Address Labels. This really fun product consists of family address labels with caricatures of mom, dads, kids and yes, even the pets with names. You can choose the hair and skin color as well as your pet (this includes dogs, cats, horses, small mammals, and even fish!) To order, see Priced from $19.95.

Custom Bumper Stickers of Your Pets Choose the template of your choice, select and upload your photo , preview, make your payment and your sticker will be mailed to you in 2 weeks. A unique get for any pet lover! Available at, $9.85

Dog-opoly or Cat-opoly Like the human version but an all doggie or kittie game. It comes with with dog houses, bones, dog or cat breed information, $24.99 at

K9 Fusion Music CD "Who Really Loves You? This is a very funky music CD that unites melancholy yawns and gutteral growls with a psychedelic ride of sound. Steve Brooks, a dog trainer, has his ten-year-old mixed breed dog "Sven" plays each instrument except for the drums. CD contains ten songs and a video short of Sven in action. Available for $ 9.99, or 1.866.k9tunes.

Cookie Cutters. Available in a variety of breeds and animal types, this is a great gift for the baker or cook. Sur La Table has a great in store selection of cookies cutters and the best thing is …most are just $1.00. These are great for dog recipes (or for people cookies – just don't let your dog find out!). They make a great gift tied to a bag of pre-made cookie dough or used as a "bow" to top off a special gift. To find your closest store, visit Also available at

Gemma Cat Doorstop. Don't be surprised when your kitty doorstop is mistaken for a real tabby. Hefty cat is 100 % cotton stuffed and weighted to pose by your door, $35.00. Available from

Rarin' to Glow Lights. String these lights along a door, stable or on your tree. Lights are of different horses running. Each string has 10 lights – a great treat for the horse lover. Available from, $16.95.

Donation in their name to local shelter, veterinary school or breed club. This is truly a gift from the heart – one that helps the causes your pet lover cherishes.

Original Kit-Cat Klock. This is very retro cool clock is shaped like a black and white cat with a bow tie. It's tail and eyes that move with the time, $49.00.