Great Gift Ideas for Your Pet!

Do you buy your pets gifts? Most pet owners do. In fact, the entire pet industry has grown steadily even during challenging economic times. Pet owners are projected to spend over $34.3 billion on their pets in 2004.

Let's look at some great gift ideas for this holiday season. From items to keep pets comfortable and safe, to things that let pet owners know their animals are being well cared for in the hands of caretakers, these products are top-notch, timely, and unique gifts. Some great gifts include:

Dog Paw Cleaning Glove

Spotless Paw™ by BrightSpot Solutions™ and S&M NuTec, makes a glove that helps you clean mud and debris off your pet's paws before they come into your home or car. The microfiber fabric attracts dirt like a magnet. The six-fingered glove can be worn on either hand AND on either side. It's easy to use, it's machine washable, dryable, and it conveniently hangs on the door handle. Available at, $ 19.95 and also available at select retailers.

The Babble Ball

With the Babble Ball made by Pet Qwerks, Inc. you won't need to worry about leaving your pets alone this holiday season. Instead, treat your pets to some hilariously entertaining conversation. The Babble Ball™ makes funny noises and wisecracks when touched or breathed on, to create an illusion that there is an animal inside responding to the pet's touch. The interactive toys feature a fun combination of hyper talking and exciting animal like sounds. Available at Independent Pet Stores and PETCO, $8.99 to $11.99.

Designer Pet Beds

Howlin' Pet Productions makes some elegantly styled Howlin Pet sleigh beds, day beds, iron beds and Parisian chaises — complement the owner's décor. Your pet can relax this holiday season on a sleek and chic, pint-sized people bed. Both comfortable and adorable, the beds fit pets up to 25 lbs., and include washable covers, a waterproof liner, and a personalized plaque. Available at and in select pet stores, $129.00.

Spa Dog Products

Let Fido and Fluffy indulge in the ultimate spa day with Spa Dog's unique, natural aromatherapy dog care treatments! Spa Dog Botanicals provides natural care for all stages of life. The Age Specific Pails include "Welcome Home Puppy Care," "Wonder Dog Natural Care Adult" and " Mellow Dog Natural Care." The pails make the perfect gift for dogs of all ages. Available at, $68.00.

Clean Pet Shopper

Paws-i-tively the most fun you can have holiday shopping with your pet! The Clean Pet Shopper™ by Babe Ease, LLC provides a safe, comfortable shopping environment so owners can shop "hands-free." The patented, one-piece design covers the entire seating-area of shopping carts so pet's paws wont slip through. Fully reversible and machine washable. Ideal for visits to pet stores and more. Available at, $34.99.

Stay Away

The StayAway by Contech Electronics, Inc. keeps pets away from holiday decorations, counter tops, potted plants, or from the hood of your car. The pet-safe technology uses an intelligent motion sensor that sees your pet and activates a short burst of air and a warning sound to keep your pets from causing harm or getting hurt. It's the perfect deterrent for curious cats looking to climb the Christmas tree and ingest potentially harmful tinsel and decorations. Available at, $49.99.

Clicker Fun Kits

Click a pet's naughty behavior into nice before the holiday guests arrive. Clicker Fun Kit contains everything a pet owner needs to quickly learn this amazing system from the world's best-known clicker trainer and authoritative scientist. Teach good manners and cute tricks in minutes. Includes revolutionary i-Click clicker, a pocket training guide, sample dog or cat treats and critically acclaimed book by Karen Pryor. Available at and at may pet stores, $16.95.

Pet Jet

Traveling this holiday season? Wash your pet anywhere! Pet Jet Indoor/Outdoor pet washer by M2Products/ DBA M2pets holds the shampoo so one hand is free to hold your pet. No more messy Shampoo bottles! A convenient one-step washer and dispenser, Pet Jet is designed with an internal compartment that holds shampoo for numerous washes. Need shampoo, press the blue button, need water pull back the gray trigger – it's that simple! Available at, $34.95.

Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer

Like infants, pets can't tell you when they're feeling sick! They are susceptible to life threatening infections due to surgery, injury, insect bites and exposure to other animals. The Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer from Advanced Monitors makes it extremely easy to monitor your pet's health. In only one second, it measures your pet's "core" body temperature from the ear. Available at, $49.95.


Now you can let you dog share in the fun of a bike ride anytime. Designed with safety in mind, the WalkyDog, allows bike riders to take their dogs on a ride without worrying about holding a leash. Bikers focus on the road while dogs run safely alongside, comfortably connected to the bike by the shock-absorbing WalkyDog leash system. Available at, $39.99.

Co-leash NightGlow with Kryptaglow

Decorate your pets with holiday lights. The Co-leash NightGlow with Kryptaglow is a collar and leash combined that reflects headlights and glows in the dark. The signature Co-Leash– as well as breakaway collars and leashes for cats and dogs can go and glow on your pets for up to 12 hours with as little as five minutes of exposure to any light source. You will never lose your pet again. Available at, $23.99.

Dinner Party

Open, shake, and shuffle: new three-step tangy tango gets pets feasting on a Dinner Party! 100% natural, USDA-approved ingredients powdered into this delicious, nutritious, gour-mutt seasoning. Open adorable container, shake vigorously over pet's food, and shuffle out of the way as your dog or cat dives into the bowl. Comes in two great flavors to quench your pet's palette – Chicken & Herbs and Beef & Herbs. Available at Health Food Stores & Pet Food Stores nationwide, $9.98.

SheaPet Premium Skin and Coat Care Products

Butter up your pets this holiday season with SheaPet's premium shampoos, conditioners, and skin care treatments. The Shea Butter-rich formulas work wonders soothing dry, itchy winter skin. The Shea Butter shampoo will leave your pet's coat baby-soft, shiny and tangle-free, and the Shea Butter Treatment Balm is the ultimate relief for cracked paw pads. The perfect gift for the pampered pet. Available at most pet stores, $14.50 – $18.50.