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Green Pets: Earth-Friendly Fidos and Fluffies

If everyone does their part, the Earth could be a much healthier place to live. If you want to go beyond the standard “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, try involving your pet in the quest to save our planet. Listed below are suggested environmentally friendly products and actions to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint.

Planet Dog ( is a pet product company that has jumped head first into helping our pets be environmentally-friendly. Their Orbee-Tuff toys are 100% recyclable, and the RecycleBall and RecycleBone are made from recycled materials. Other environmentally Planet Dog products include their hemp collars, harnesses, and leashes and their “Shammy” pet towel made from recycled wood chips.

Scoopies ( are 100% biodegradable doggie poo bags. These convenient mitten-shaped bags break down in a mere 18 months, unlike plastic grocery bags, which remain in the landfill indefinitely.

AKC Green Planet Collection ( is a line of adorable dog toys made from recycled materials, such as plastics, polyester, and stuffing. Even the toys’ cardboard packaging is made from recycled materials.

Worldwise ( is a manufacturer of Earth-friendly pet products, such as the SmartyKat cat bed and the PoochPlanet dog bed. These comfy nap centers are innovatively made from recycled plastic bottles.

Cat Genie ( is a self-cleaning, self-flushing cat box that is significantly more eco-friendly than standard litter, which is strip-mined and then sent to landfills when dirty. Cat Genie uses permanent, washable granules.

Pine Fresh ( is a natural, pine wood cat litter which is biodegradable and flushable. The used Pine Fresh cat litter can also be recycled into your garden.

Doggie Dooley ( is a canine septic system which easily installs in your yard and safely disposes of your pet’s waste, keeping your lawn and surrounding waterways sanitary.

Feeding organic treats and/or pet food is another environmentally conscious step. Organic production of food does not utilize synthetic additives, such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which can be damaging to the environment. If considering using organic foods, first consult your veterinarian, and read PetPlace’s Pet Food: Should Your Pet Go Organic? for more information.

Another way to have green pets is to provide them with durable pet supplies, such as toys, food bowls, and beds. Fewer destroyed items will generate less waste.

Buying locally made pet supplies will also help our Mother Earth. Shopping locally means less transportation of products and goods, thus decreasing pollutions.

Share some bonding time with both your dog and your Earth. Celebrate Mother Nature, and lend a helping hand by planting a new tree in your backyard. Or take an extra bag on your morning walk and pick up any litter you see along the way.