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Otterhound. As the name implies, this breed was used to hunt otters and has a natural love of water. Though no longer widely used to hunt otters, the otterhound is a wonderful family dog.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also known as the PBGV, this little dog has a big name. Once you understand what each part of the name means, you can understand the dog. Petit means small, basset means low to the ground, griffon means wirehaired and Vendeen refers to the area of France where the breed was developed.

Pharaoh hound. One of the oldest breeds, the Pharaoh hound is appropriately named. As a breed coveted by royalty, it was not uncommon to see a Pharaoh on his way to the hunt with a falcon on one hand and a Pharaoh hound on the other.

Plott hound. When German immigrant George Plott left Germany and settled in North Carolina, he brought his faithful dogs with him. After years of breeding, the Plott hound was developed. This dog is a natural hunter and readily trees game, just like other coonhounds. Considered the hardiest of all coonhounds, this dog is great for people who love coonhounds but don't care for their characteristic bawling voice.

Rhodesian ridgeback. The Rhodesian ridgeback is only one of two dogs with a naturally occurring ridge down his back. Developed in Africa, the ridgeback was used to hunt lion by taunting and harassing, giving the hunter a chance to approach and kill the lion. A strong minded dog, the ridgeback readily stands his ground and protects his family and territory.

Saluki. Another sighthound, the saluki is considered by many to be one of the oldest breeds of dog. He is also the fastest, reaching speeds of 40 miles per hour. The Royal Dog of Egypt, the saluki excels at lure coursing and has a natural tendency to chase anything that moves.

Scottish deerhound. Also a sighthound, the Scottish deerhound is not a common breed but has many admirers. Hailing from Scotland, this breed is an excellent hunter but prefers human companionship.

Whippet. As a moderate-sized greyhound look-a-like, the whippet enjoys racing around a track just as much as he likes to cuddle next to his owner. One of the fastest dogs, the whippet can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.


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