How Dog’s got Their Names – Cute Dog Name Stories

We have many stories on on how to name your dog, the meaning behind dogs names, common names and even uncommon names. This has inspired many dog lovers to send us stories about HOW their dog got their names. We liked the stories so much that we wanted to share them with you.

Here are some of our favorites:

We had a Pom (Teddi-Bear) that died Dec. 2004. The next Mothers Day we were visiting a house, next to where we previously lived and saw a Pom outside of our old house that looked just like Teddi! So I called her Teddi and she came running. Interested in another Pom, we asked the owners where they got her and they offered her to us. Her name is Deja-Vu (we call her Deja) for obvious reasons. Looks just like Teddi! – Mark G.

Fidget- We named our yellow lab. When she was a puppy she didn’t want to sit still. She was fidgeting while she liked to cuddle. – Pam Dennis

We had a male Pomeranian who passed away last year at the age of 15. We purchased him when he was 6 months old, and he was on sale. So we named him Clearance. – Laura Pentowski

I have a black lab named Destiny. I found him lying in the weeds along a four-lane highway. Someone had hit him & left him to die. I normally would not look where he was as that is where I turn on to the highway & am usually looking in my rear-view mirror to watch traffic coming around a curve & down the hill behind me, but for some reason, ( I call it destiny), I happened to look in the ditch & saw that black head above the weeds. A friend & I rolled him onto a blanket, carried him up out of the ditch, put him in my Jeep, & took him to my vet. He never growled, whined, or tried to bite. He spent 10 days at the vet & cost me a $1000, so I decided at that cost I’d best keep him! He had to have his left hind leg amputated at the hip, had lost over 1/2 of his blood into the tissue around that hip, was mal-nourished, dehydrated, full of worms & fleas, & his other hip was out of the socket. That hip would not stay in place, but the vet said he would eventually learn to walk on it & he has. It is a very awkward gait, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he rips & tears through the house playing with his Cocker brother or our 5 cats. I also have 2 female Labs outside & just lost my 15 year old Lab-Bassett mix that I’d had since she was a puppy. All of our pets were strays or otherwise unwanted animals we have taken in & are the joys of our lives.
Anyway, this was a long story, but now you know why his name is ‘Destiny’, I was meant to be his new Mommy. Thanks, Joetta Snelling

My Jack Russell Terrier’s name is Rudy. We name him after Rudy Ruettiger whose college life was depicted in the movie “Rudy”. In the movie Rudy Ruettiger learns to let nothing stop him from realizing his ambitions if you know the Jack Russell breed – they have dogged determination to get what they want. The name fits my little guy perfectly!

I loved the names suggested for Rotties. My Rottie was abandoned at a local city park in the dog park area. I found him there while running one morning in june 2007. Every time I passed him he would whine a little and wag his “tail”. No one would go in the enclosed area and after talking with him through the fence I did. He just come over and sat up and gently put his front paws on my hips and tried to lick my face. I was hooked. It was determined he was abandoned and I took him home to find his owner or a new home. 3 days later I knew we were meant to be. His name is Moses Malachi, Malachi meaning a special messenger from God. My dearest friend had passed away 6 months before and had wanted me to adopt a dog for company. He said he would send one from heaven and he did. Moses was fully trained when we found each other. He is the sweetest. A rottie would not have been a choice at all but this gentle giant has been the best companion and does “work” with the elderly and enjoys that time. Everybody just loves him. I have been truly blessed to have him. You have such a great site, thank you as it has helped me a lot. I also love the videos. Keep up the great work. Thank You.

I think that lacey is a great name for a blck dog, Saying i have a black lab named lacey. I got her as a surprise on my birthday. My parents said that she was the last girl. My mother was looking around and petting all of the dogs when she saw a little dog that just noticed her when she saw him. It was a Yellow lab so to be named woody ( or tiger woods, she loves to golf ).when she came home and brought in lacey I almost started crying she was soooo cute, I asked them where they got her. they said “We got THEM of the esplanade, a house was advertising them in the paper”i didnt know who them was so i asked. i got an answer of of ” ohh sorry we brought home her brother for me. I asker why she decided that he was the one out of all the puppies and she said, “the second our eye meet i felt like i could see right into him. They Sydney Holderbein

Dora-(Do for first born as first musical note) salt & pepper schanuzer pup who’s very curious(as in dora the explorer). Re-mi -(second born schnauzer and the third didn’t make it. – Lucille

I have a pair of Min Pins – Harley (rough & tumble – a leather kind of guy, loads of fun with a naughty streak) after Harley Davidson and Duffy(always the life of the party, will try anything, and always around for last call) after Duffy’s Love Shack, the premier party spot on St Thomas. Their full names are Love My Harley Doglett and Duffy’s Caribbean Doglett.

I also have two Dobes – Princess Coki Colada after Coki Beach on St Thomas and the drink most readily on that beach – pina colada and Cruzan’s Caribbean Breeze after – you guessed it – Cruzan Rum. I chose the Caribbean theme because of the warmth of my dogs’ personalities, the joy and fun they bring to my life, and the soulful reflection in their eyes like the reflection of the sea. – Shelley