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How to Balance Your Pet’s Play and Relaxation

Just like humans animals need a certain “balance” in their lives. Again, just like us, pets can become easily stressed.

Our pets exhibit stress in various ways that can be either easily identifiable or sometimes a bit of a challenge to recognize. An obvious example would be your dog tearing your house apart the minute you step out the front door. A less obvious sign can be your cat grooming specific spots more than usual. One way that you can help alleviate undue stress for favorite pet is to balance their lives play and relaxation.

Studies have shown that playing relaxing music for your pet can help decrease stress behaviors. This relaxing music has shown to be most effective when it was played following stressful situations.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, stress is a constraining force or influence of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium. When you think about stress, it is important to remember that not all stress is considered bad. Stressful situations can be as simple as playing with your pet. To help bring balance back to your pet’s life, you can play relaxing music after you have finished a fun filled play session. The relaxing music will help bring your pets heart rate back to a normal rhythm and alleviate tension in the body, just has it does for us.

One study of interest shows how cats can benefit from the music. Music was played during specific times of the day, everyday, where the cats were housed. By creating these routine relaxation times, the cats exhibited less stress behaviors. When the music was taken away, anxiety and unwanted stress behaviors were shown by the vast majority of the cats. These studies have been conducted in shelter, research, and home environments, and the benefits of relaxing music were shown in each.

Musical studies have also been shown to help relieve stress in our canine companions as well. In shelters, the music was played after feeding and walking times. In a shelter environment, feeding and walking times are very exciting, and you routinely see dogs jumping up and down, barking, and getting very excited. When the tasks were completed, relaxing music is played for all of the dogs. As the calming music flowed through the speakers it was common to see dogs sit down, relax and even curl up for a nap. This new routine has been implemented within shelters across the nation.

A great product to help soothe your pet’s mood is the Music My Pet CD. After playing with your best friend you can turn on this great CD and both you and your pet can have a relaxing time.
So remember, the less stress for you and your pet, the happier you and your furry family will be.