How to Build a Ramp For Your Dog

A ramp is a great way to help dogs with mobility problems, joint pain, or other issues get up and down the stairs, on and off furniture, and in and out of bed and vehicles. Veterinarians frequently recommend preventing your dog from jumping if they have certain neurologic and orthopedic problems, and a ramp can be a great solution. Common mobility problems include arthritis, intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), and other causes of back and neck pain.

Making a ramp is quick, inexpensive, and easy. The most common supplies you’ll need to make a dog ramp include:

The average cost to make dog ramp is about $60. This can vary depending on the size and design. We looked at dozens of DIY websites for some great homemade dog ramp designs, and these were our favorites for you do-it-yourselfers!

Traditional Dog Ramp: This is a very simple design with great how-to photos on their website.

Foldable Dog Ramp: This is a nice clean design and great for easy storage! You can fold and place the ramp under the bed or put it away when you are not using it.

Dog Ramp with Secure Footing: This is best for dogs who are weak and have unsure footing. The wood pieces help the dog’s paws gain better traction and keep them from slipping. It’s also great for outdoor settings, such as deck stairs, that could get wet.
Do you have a favorite design for a dog ramp? Share it in our comments section below.