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How to Choose Safe Puppy Treats

Treats aren’t just a welcome snack or special surprise; given incorrectly, some can be dangerous to puppies.

Choosing treats that are the wrong size or type can create serious problems for your dog.
If you give them a treat that is too small, for example, your dog might not chew it properly. The swallowed food could become lodged in their mouth, esophagus (windpipe), or even their lungs. Treats that are too big can also be dangerous for the same reason.

Here are some tips on how to choose the safest treats for your puppy:

Remember, treats can go bad and become stale. No one wants to eat spoiled food, even dogs that seem to eat anything they come across. Check your dog’s treats regularly and toss them in the trash if it is past their expiration date or if the treats smell or look rancid or unpalatable.