If I had Pet Insurance I would Still Have my Beagle

Pet Insurance for Beagles

It is hard to guess what sort of problems an animal might have. Like people, some dogs get sick and some just never do. Of course, most of us have health insurance, so if we do get sick, we can feel safe in the fact that our medical bills will be affordable. Without health insurance, a simple broken arm could put you in debt for years! So if we wouldn't dream of not having health insurance, why is it that we don't get insurance for our pet? Veterinary medicine can be costly if there is health problem with our dogs.

I just read a sad story about a woman who had to make the tough decision to euthanize her dog and wishes that she had health insurance at the time. Mary Naico in Irving, Texas writes to tell us about her beagle, Sunny.

Mary writes that one morning in November 2005 she discovered Sunny able to walk and yelping with pain. Mary rushed her to the veterinary ER in her neighborhood, uncertain what the problem could be and very worried. The ER vet informed her sadly, that Sunny had 4 vertebrae in her back that had "burst" and she was showing signs of arthritis in her spinal column. Mary was devastated for her poor dog.

Mary spoke at length with the ER vet and her own vet and the consensus was that Sunny would have to have surgery to try to fix the problem with the vertebrae. Unfortunately, there was no guarantee that the surgery would be successful. This was just one part of the horrible decision. The other factor was the $4,000 that the surgery would likely cost. Mary had no money set aside for this kind of expense and worried that her little dog would continue to be in pain. She made the difficult and heart-breaking decision to euthanize her.

Sunny was only 3 years-old and Mary felt this was so unfair for her previous Beagle. She wasn't an old dog who had led a full life. She was young and should have had a chance to live much longer.

Mary has since found out about pet insurance and has a policy for her two other dogs. She feels the premiums are well worth the small monthly expense and has already saved money on doctor's visits. If an emergency like that ever happens again, she will be prepared!