I’m So Glad my Vet Recommended Pet Insurance

Does Pet Insurance Cover Problems Like Pneumonia

If you know that you would spend any amount of money necessary on your pets if there was a crisis, then maybe you haven't considered pet insurance. Perhaps there won't be a question of money if an illness or accident means long-term expensive vet care. All the same, what if a small monthly payment could mean a tremendous financial cushion in the event of a disaster? There are so many variables in life that cannot be insured that perhaps it's a good idea to insure those that you can, such as your pets. I just read a story from a woman that spared no expense to care for her dog, but is glad that her vet recommended pet insurance.

Anna Spino in Allentown, Pennsylvania writes to tell us about her cocker spaniel, Peaches. Anna had kept Peaches for 5 years before she developed an allergy to house dust. After this she at the vet every month for an allergy shot. Two years later Peaches developed renal disease. For six weeks she had to be doctored by the veterinarian and by Anna's loving care. It seemed that poor Peaches was at the doctor more than she was at home.

When it seemed that Peaches has recovered, Anna brought her home. Despite the fact that all the tests seemed fine and the vet thought she looked well, a couple of days later, Peaches was sick again. Her breathing was labored and the worried Anna took her back in to the vet.

Peaches had developed pneumonia and the vet wasn't sure she would be able to beat it in her weakened state. He felt he would need to keep the ailing dog for several weeks and still only gave her a 20% chance of recovery. He suggested that Anna consider letting Peaches go, because of her low chance of recovery and the high cost of her care. Anna didn't want to give up and spent $4,000, which she would do again. Peaches lost her battle, but Anna was glad that she had given her the best chance possible.

Anna's vet suggested that she consider pet insurance and Anna investigated the possibility. Now she had pet insurance on both her new cocker spaniel Daisy and her cat. Daisy is just two years old and already is developing allergies to just about everything it seems.

Anna is really glad that her vet recommended insurance and that she took it out on her animals right away. She would care for her animals no matter what, but knowing that pet insurance will lessen the expense is a relief.