Should you dye your dog's hair?

Is It Safe to Dye My Dog’s Hair?

The internet is abuzz with the trend of coloring a dog’s fur. Some people just want to add a pop of color and others go all out and completely change the look of their pooch with extreme grooming and all-over fur coloring.

What Should You Consider Before Dying Your Dog’s Fur?

Before going into any new trend or time-consuming change to your pup’s style, take some time to do your research first. Find out the safest ways of taking on the trend and weigh your dog’s personality and temperament against the process to ensure it’s not only safe for your dog, but also that your dog will be comfortable through the entire process.

As far as dying your dog’s fur, the perception on the trend is divided. While some people love the look, others voice concern about the stress it puts on the dog for the owner’s personal style. The best way to determine that for yourself and your dog is to take the time to learn more about the process.

Safety Concerns with Dying Your Dog’s Fur

First and foremost, know what’s in the dye you choose. Hair dye made for humans has a different chemical makeup that can be dangerous for dogs. On top of that, human hair dyes contain irritants that can burn your dog’s skin and can be toxic if ingested when a dog grooms themselves.

If your dog has sensitive skin, you may want to reconsider the dye job. Even dyes that are considered non-toxic and safe for dogs may irritate your sensitive pup’s skin. So, if you feel you must dye your dog’s fur for any reason, be cautious and do a test patch before adding too much dye to their fur, and never dye the fur over a healing wound.

What Dyes are Safe for Dogs?

As mentioned above, dye made for humans should never be used on dogs, especially if it’s permanent dye. However, a semi-permanent pet-safe dye is the best way to go for synthetic color. Also, vegetable juice like beet juice will color your dog’s fur without synthetic chemicals. If you’re having trouble finding the right dye or aren’t sure if the brand you’ve selected is safe, consider taking your dog to a professional. They will have the knowledge needed to color your pup’s fur safely.

Should I Dye My Dog’s Fur?

Ultimately, you know your dog better than anyone else. Some vets state that as long as the process is done safely, and the dog is comfortable with the whole process, there’s no reason not to express yourself through your dog’s fur. Opposition says that because there is no health reason or justification other than the owner’s desire, the dog shouldn’t be put through the potentially long process of grooming and dying their fur.

Many proponents for the process claim that dying your dog’s helps deter dog thieves because they can’t pass the dogs off easily. With dog thefts on the rise nationwide, is it worth the potential side effects to reduce the risk of dognapping?

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this trend is very popular with some lobbying kennel clubs across the U.S. to allow dyed fur in competitions to reduce the stigma. However, like all popular trends, there is controversy on if it’s the best move for the dog. The best way to decide is to do your research, and make sure your dog is comfortable with grooming before even considering dying their fur.