Losing Scooter

None of us like to think about such things, but sometimes money can be a factor when deciding what we can and are able to do for our ill pets. Sure you may be able to scrape up a couple hundred dollars in an emergency, but what if it's thousands of dollars? This is the sort of instance when it can really make a difference if you have pet insurance. With any luck will you never need to use your pet insurance, but it really makes a difference if it is there for you when you need it.

I just read a story from Tammie Jedson in Denver, Colorado who couldn't agree with this more. In fact, she wanted us to share with our readers why there may come a time when you really wish you had insurance.

Tammie had a little Lhaso Aspso named, Scooter. Scooter had always been healthy, so Tammie never got pet insurance for him. He rarely had to visit the vet. Then one day Scooter became lethargic and stopped eating. No matter what Tammie offered, he wasn't interested. So he refused to even get up to go to the bathroom. Tammie thought perhaps he just had the flu so she waited two days, but Scooter only got worse. Worried, Tammie took him to the vet.

In the vet's office, Tammie noticed for the first time that Scooter's skin and eyes were turning yellow. She knew then that they had big problem. Tammie was terrified for her friend. Scooter was glued to her during the day and would have gone with her everywhere if he didn't get carsick. He was her best friend. The vet told her that the news was bleak and Scooter would have to be put on an IV and stay for at least for days to the tune of $400. Tammie borrowed the money from a friend.

The next day the vet's office called to say that Scooter was going to need a blood transfusion and would have to go to the pet hospital. At the hospital Tammie was told that the transfusion would cost $3,000 and his chance for survival would still only be 30 percent. She had to make a hard decision.

Tammie is a single parent with no child support and many bills to pay. A $3,000 debt could not be taken lightly. It was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she had to put her beloved Scooter to rest. She says that not knowing if she could have saved him was the worst part of it.

Tammie has a new Lhaso Apso now and never wants to have to make a decision like that again. She is definitely getting pet insurance!

Petplace Staff