Male Dog Names: What are the Meanings of Common Male Dog Names?

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meaning behind male dog names

What is in a dog’s name? There are lists of common dog names, but…what do they mean? Are certain dog names associated with certain characteristics and traits?

After interviewing several veterinarians about this hypothesis, it was determined that there are certain characteristics generally associated with different male dog names.

The following are characteristics associated with each name:

The Meaning Behind the Top 30 Male Dog Names

1. CHARLIE – Charlie is a great dog name and is used on just about every breed, shape and size. Most “Charlie’s” are warm-hearted loyal dogs with friendly personalities. They generally like to play and enjoy either fetching or chewing. Origin: German. The meaning is: Man; strong and masculine.

2. MAX – Dogs named Max are generally happy dogs. They like to be petted and groomed and are considered fun-loving. They are very trustworthy companions. Some dogs named Max can be fiercely independent and work to keep their aggression under control. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: A Salmon Basin or large spring.

3. BAILEY – This is a great dog name. Dogs named Bailey are often loyal and good-natured. Most “Baileys” are very trainable. They are smart dogs, eager to please and respond well to obedience training if given the opportunity. Origin: English. The meaning is: Bailiff; Trusted Guardian.

4. BUDDY – The majority of dogs named Buddy are mixed breed dogs owned or named by men. They are often rescued or strays brought into homes and hearts across the world. They are generally loyal and adore their owners. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Messenger Man.

13. JAKE – Dogs named Jake are often fun-loving and happy dogs. They like to play and better yet – loved to sleep. They have that “boy next door” appeal. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Supplanter; to fill the place of another.

5. COOPER – Dogs named Cooper are fairly fun and happy dogs. Origin: English. Meaning is: “barrel maker” in Middle English.

6. JACK – Dogs named “Jack” are often fairly carefree. They are often mixed breed dogs, however, they can also be purebred. They generally love life and can truly be man’s best friend. Dogs named Jack are often described as “quiet”. Origin: English. The meaning is: God is Forgiving or God’s gracious gift.

7. OLIVER – Dogs named Oliver, sometimes called Ollie for short, are wonderful dogs. They can be ornery and eager to get into things. Many Oliver’s are keen chewers and need to be given frequent opportunities to play and appropriate chew toys. Origin: French. The meaning is: Elf Army; or symbol of Peace.

8. RILEY – Dogs named Riley are often wonderful dogs with loving personalities. They have a tendency to be carefree and fun. They can be creative when it comes to play and make up games as it suits them. They like to play and sleep. They are attentive and very loyal to their owners. Origin: American. The meaning is: Rye Clearing; Valiant.

9. TUCKER – This is a fun name and many dogs with this name have colorful personalities. They may love to eat and very food motivated. Origin: English. The meaning is: Someone who fills cloth; cloth thickener – also slang for food in Australia.

10. ROCKY – Most dogs named Rocky have big personalities. They are often playful and strong. They can be either big or small dogs but have a strong personalities and may be dominant. Origin: English. The meaning is: A Rocky Reef.

11. BUSTER – Buster is a fairly diverse name and associated with many different types of personalities. It is often given to little dogs with big personalities. They are rarely dressed in dog clothes and if they are – it is only a masculine bandana. Dogs named Buster can also have a sneaky quality and may be quick to steal food or do something else that you don’t know about. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Joy.

12. BEAR – Dogs named “Bear” are often adorable long haired fluffy dogs that come in a variety of sizes and colors. It is a common name for Shar peis. They are generally loyal dogs but can have aggressive tendencies. Behavior training is generally a good idea. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Bear; bulky with lots of hair.

13. TOBY – Most dogs named Toby can be described as “Cool”. They have a friendly and often energetic demeanor with sweet personalities. They are good dogs and loyal companions. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: From Tobias – The Goodness in God; God is good.


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