Male Dog Names: What are the Meanings of Common Male Dog Names?

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14. DUKE – Dogs named Duke are loyal, loving dogs. They are often “people” dogs and don’t want you out if their sight. Most Dukes are medium to larger sized dogs. They can be dominant and smart and respond well to obedience training. Origin: Latin. The meaning is: Leader of the Herd; high-ranking nobleman.

15. MURPHY – Murphy is a carefree name and a perfect name for Golden Retrievers. Murphy’s are loyal, kind and energetic. They love playtime. They strongly bond to their owners and love nothing more than a little affection from their owners. Most dogs named Murphy never met a stranger and love living their lives. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Sea Fighter or sea warrior. Of course, Murphy’s Law means…anything can happen.


16. HARLEY – Dogs named Harley can be any size or shape. They often have fun personalities and like to play. They can be independent and are smart. They are as loyal to their owners as their owners are to them. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Wild Spirited.

17. SHADOW – Shadow is a common and wonderful dog name. It is often given to dogs that are black. Many dogs named Shadow are shy and slow to approach strangers. They are loving and loyal to their owners. They hate going to the vet and are not trusting. Some describe dogs named Shadow as “uptight”. Origin: English. The meaning is: Dark image cast by an object blocking the sun’s rays.

18. RUSTY – Rusty is a great dog name and is commonly used for red or red-browned colored dogs. Many dogs named Rusty are wonderful, handsome dogs with shy affectionate personalities. Origin: American English. The meaning is: A Town; also means a reddish brown color or covered in rust.

19. SAMMY – Dogs named Sammy are often sensitive dogs. They look as you as though they can read your soul. They are loyal and kind and have a fun side to their personalities. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Heard by God or from Samantha – a “Listener”

22. ZEUS – Dogs named Zeus often have quite regal personalities. They give of the aura of being a leader and powerful. They are alert and very good listeners. Not much gets past a dog named Zeus. They are intuitive and smart. Many people may describe dogs named Zeus as “handsome”. They can be well trained if given the opportunity. Zeus was a Greek ruler of the gods in Greek mythology. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Father of the Gods.

21. OSCAR – The name Oscar can be associated with dogs of just about any size or breed. Most “Oscars” are independent and can be a bit…ornery. They have fun personalities and are generally eager to please. Origin: Old Norse. The meaning is: Divine Spear; a fighter for God.

22. LUCKY – Lucky is a common dog name and used for many pets that have suffered an unfortunate experience followed by being rescued. These dogs are generally happy and well meaning. They are loving and loyal and realize their good fortune in the new home that they found with you. Origin: English. The meaning is: Happiness and having good luck.

23. WINSTON – Dogs given this rather distinguished name often uphold the name with dignity. They are commonly loyal and friendly. They like to meet new people and can be quite smart. Origin: English. The meaning is: Kind Town; or a friend’s estate.

24. CASEY – Casey is a great name for a guard dog since the name’s origin is for a watchful warrior. Most dogs named Casey are smart and have an excellent sense of hearing. They are loving and very special dogs. Origin: French. The meaning is: Belonging to Case; brave and watchful.

25. TEDDY – This common pet name is a good one. Most Teddy’s are cute, sweet dogs with loyal owners. They may look like a “Teddy Bear”. It is a common name for Chow-chows and Pomeranians. Origin: Greek. The meaning is: Gift from God; prosperous guardian.

26. GIZMO – Dogs named Gizmo are often small breeds that are “busy”. They like to get into things and explore their environments. Origin: American English. The meaning is: Mechanical device or gadget.

27. SAMSON – Samson is a strong name often given to dogs with strong thick bodies and big personalities. They are loyal and loving. They are often attentive and have an extra keen sense of smell. Origin: Hebrew. The meaning is: Name of the Lord.


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