MORE Games That Delight Dogs

MORE Games That Delight Dogs

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We have an article on our site called Five Games That Will Delight Your Dog. Several dog lovers emailed us their ideas that we’d like to share with you.

  • The Hand Game

    A game that Lil’ Sunny Lee and I play is called “Hand.” I clap my hands and start moving them in circles. Lil’ Sunny Lee follows the hand(s) with her eyes, head and body. She knows this is the game “Hand.” She remains quiet and still while she waits for the game to begin. Then, I suddenly move my hand above or below her head, to either side of her head, sometimes I tap her nose or head, and excitedly say “hey!” as I clap and freeze my hand (s). Lil’ Sunny Lee points to the hand and sound, freezes her eyes and whole body in a nano second! Sometimes Lil’ Sunny Lee takes off running! This game can go on for, well, as long as Lil’ Sunny Lee wants the game to continue. This game keeps her mind sharp and active. Keeps my mind sharp and active as well. The game “Hand” can be played on the bed, sofa or floor wherever there is sufficient space to move, clap the hands and say “hey!” We love the game “Hand.” So will you.

    With Best Wishes –
    Ms. Sunny Murchison and Lil’ Sunny Lee
    Pasadena, California USA

  • Touch the Hand

    Miss Cuddles, 11, (the red one) like to play ball (fetch) and what we call “Touch the hand”. This is when Cuddles wants to start playing tug-a-war. Before she plays tug-a-war, she will keep her little squeaky ball in her mouth and then grunt a little and she will touch our hand, then back up, then she would touch our hand again and do this repeatedly. After a few times, she will stop and let us know it’s time for tug-a-war. She loves that game! She will bark and bark for her ball too. We keep all of the balls in the same place and they know where we keep them!

    Mia, 9, (the black one) loves to play fetch with her orange ball. She’ll put it right back in our hands too (unlike Cuddles who will just her ball about a foot away from us and expect us to get it for her!). Mia likes to play with Dukes jumbo shrimp as well.

  • Squeeky Anything

    Mr. Duke, 5, likes to play with anything. He’ll play with his crazy man, his blue man, and with his jumbo shirmp (all of his toys squeek). He loves to see balls bounce. He can keep himself entertained without the help of us. (We watch him). He does not play fetch. However, since he is a mix Chihuahua with a terrier he loves to run-A LOT. I notice if I do not take him for a walk daily, he gets aggressive with his older sisters.

    Sandra and Carol

  • Hide & Seek

    I had a Dalmatian, Haley who has since passed on, who LOVED to play hide and seek. I would run up the stairs ahead of him and hide in different places and would listen for him walking around. I would whistle for him and when he would find me I would jump out and he would “smile” He would run back downstairs and wait for me to whistle when I was hidden again.

    Max’s favorite game is to play Hide-and-Seek with my 2 boys. Someone will sit in the driveway with him while the other one hides. He listens so intently waiting to hear them yell “READY!” and he takes off like a rocket running around the back yard looking for the kids, barking the whole way. He is a 5-year-old Australian Shepherd.

    Karen Powers

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