Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Dog to Give

Happy Mother's Day! To all women who have raised, nurtured, and loved a fur baby, you are a mother too, and PetPlace wishes you a special day. To all the canine readers out there (or the humans who do the reading for you!), don't forget about that special lady who has comforted you when you're sad, rejoiced with you when you're happy, and brightened your life with her love. Get out there and get your Human-Mom a gift!

Listed below are several "Fido-to-Mom" gift ideas. Whatever Fido gives his Mom this Mother's day, she will surely cherish his sentiment from the heart.

1. A paw print or impression – Make a lasting memory of the beloved dog-child's paw print. Use ink and nice paper, then frame the print. Or use a clay tablet, which could be later painted when it dries.

2. A keepsake lock of pet hair or photo in a locket necklace – This is a special gift that includes two of a woman's best friends, jewelry and her dog!

3. A professional photo of mom's pride and joy – Have a professional photograph shot and framed, or allow Mom to open a gift certificate for a photo session with her dog. Another alternative is to have an oil painting done after a photo. There are multiple companies that do this.

4. A new, high-power, allergen-filtering vacuum cleaner – Especially for the mom with allergies, this gift is a nice way to help her eliminate all that excess pet hair. (TIP: You may only want to consider this gift if Mom has been openly drooling over those new, high-tech vacuums, such as the Dyson. Otherwise, she may be offended at a cleaning product gift!)

5. A new designer leash – If Mom likes to walk Fido in style, she may enjoy a lovely, new Coach or other designer brand leash.

6. A letter or poem written from Fido to Mom – Melt Mom's heart with a letter or poem telling her why she's the best.

7. A book reflecting on special moments spent with a pet – There are many books in print written to remember and celebrate the human-animal bond. Marley and Me by John Grogan is a popular, touching book of this sort.

8. Coupon book – Fido and another one of Fido's human family members can work on this together. Does Mom always seem to take care of the dog duties? Make her a coupon book of free doggie chores to be done by another member of the family (such as, "Good for one free dog walk" or "Redeem for a free doggie bath").

9. A hand-painted or drawn portrait of Fido – Send a photo to an artist for his or her artistic rendition of Mom's furball of joy.

10. Flowers in a dog themed vase or pot – Moms ALWAYS enjoy flowers. Just be sure the flowers you choose are non-toxic to pets.

11. A charm bracelet – Add charms to the bracelet from each member of the family, including the dog.

12. Something HUGE – Have Fido help you with the big, exciting gift you're planning for a Dog Mom this Mother's Day. If you're planning a marriage proposal to a dog lover, she will surely say yes if you incorporate her beloved dog in the big question. Perhaps you could attach the ring to Fido's collar or have the reliably retrieving Fido personally deliver her ring box to her in his mouth. If you're giving the Dog-Loving Mom a new car, maybe you can allow Fido to help introduce it by seating him in the passenger's seat, keys attached to collar, ready for a ride.