Pet Friendly Travel Ideas

So you decided to include your pet in your vacation plans. Now what? Pets are typically not allowed in amusement parks, don't ski very well, just don't understand snorkeling and most don't consider lying on the beach to be a fun-filled day. Despite this, there are many relaxing and enjoyable things you can do with your pet.

Throughout North America, many inns, lodges and Bed & Breakfast places allow pets. Some even have pet vacation packages available.

Once you have decided on a place to stay, you have many activities to chose from. Some people include their pets on walking tours through towns or historic areas. Hiking is also a popular activity. Some national parks allow pets but some do not. Make sure you check with the park service before planning your vacation.

Camping with your pet is another alternative. Again, if you plan to camp at a national park, check with the park service to make sure your dog will be welcome.

Biking vacations are becoming more common and the number of people including their pets is growing. Even if you do not bring a bicycle with you, most towns have bike rental places that can supply the necessary equipment.

Water sports are yet another activity in which you can include your pet. Swimming, boating and fishing as well as traveling in canoes or pontoon boats are all possible and, depending on the breed, may the best vacation possible for a water loving dog.

And finally, for the wild at heart, you can even include your pet on a gondola tram ride over treacherous canyon or attach your dog to your waist, slap on some skis and go skijoring!

There are many activities available that you can enjoy with your pet. Remember, the most important part of any vacation is to have a wonderful relaxing time!!