Pet Resorts: The Family Vacation Goes to the Dogs (and Cats!)

There's no doubt about it, we are crazy about our pets! Most of us feel that if we go on vacation that our pets should be having the time of their lives too. After all, who can enjoy soaking up the sun when Fido is pining at a kennel back home. These days, pet crazy people have a second option – pet resorts. Don't use the "K" word with these places. There are all about the posh pooch and free-n-easy feline.

A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital found that 83 percent of pet owners refer to themselves as "mom" or "dad" in regards to their pets. In fact, 70 percent of pet owners sign their animals' names on greeting cards. There's no doubt that our pets are family! And why shouldn't our best friends and furry children get to have fun too? With an understanding of what today's pet crazy folks desire, many resorts are finding new and exciting ways to treat our pets. Luxury pet resorts strive to achieve a "homelike" atmosphere and to provide lots of extras.

Coral Springs Pet Resort & Medical Center in Florida is an excellent example of the up and coming advances in care and medicine for our furry friends. Not only is state-of-the-art medical attention available, but a spa-like atmosphere as well. The resort boasts a bone-shaped pool for water play (with a life guard on duty, of course!), an indoor dog park for those hot & muggy summer days, grooming services, as well as luxury and presidential suites for lounging. If your dog has a favorite television show, you'll want to get a presidential suite so that he or she won't miss a single episode. The resort is even hurricane proof, so you can be absolutely worry-free while everyone vacations.

As luxury resorts spring up all over the country, the possibilities for "special treatment" grow. Beth Papasakelariou of Houston, Texas has two champion show dogs, Naya and Sam. At Houston's Rover Oaks pet resort, Naya and Sam have a room decorated especially for them. Papasakelariou paid extra to name the suite "Hearts" and have it decorated with heart-shaped plates, heart-bordered wallpaper and photos of Sam and Naya. If money is no option, what would you do to make your pet feel at home?

Cats get special care at many resorts as well. Cats receive a quiet homey atmosphere that is conducive to the necessary daily catnaps. Perks include catnip treats, feline massages, and bird watching. Cat's aren't as easily pleased as dog, but luxury resorts know just how to make them purr.

At many luxury resorts you can keep in touch while you're away. Private phone calls from "Mom" or "Dad" can really make some pets' day. If you don't want to disturb your best buddy's R&R, there are often webcams available to check up on what is happening at the resort. Some pet resorts even offer special pick up and drop off services. Just think what the neighbors will say when Fido and Fluffy are picked up in their very own limousine. So what are you waiting for? You're not the only one that could use a vacation!