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Safe Fetch Toys for Your Dog

An easy and amusing game to play with your dog is fetch. Not only does playing fetch strengthen the bond between you and your dog, it gives you both healthy exercise. It also makes for a better behaved canine, and as natural chasers, dogs learn the game of fetch quickly. All you need is a little time and patience.

The more energy that you put into teaching your dog to fetch, the less desire he will have to burrow and chew. As the saying goes, “a tired dog is a good dog.” In addition, a well-conditioned dog is less likely to develop diseases and joint problems. Of course, dogs with physical ailments, such as hip dysplasia, should only partake in strenuous exercise with permission from his veterinarian.

When choosing a fetch toy for your dog, always take size into consideration. You don’t want to throw anything small enough that may cause a choking hazard. Here is a list of some safe fetch toys.

Remember – even though a product may say that it is indestructible, that doesn’t mean that some dogs can’t chew through it. There have been quite a few reported cases of dogs chewing through so-called indestructible products. Keeping a close eye on your dog is always the best protection.