Summer Dog Tip on Traveling with Your Dog in the Car

Summer Dog Tip on Traveling with Your Dog in the Car

Summer months see more Americans hitting the road for weekend trips and extended vacations. More and more pets are now joining their owners on these trips. When traveling with your pet in the car, it's import to follow these tips:

  • Use Proper Restraint: When traveling in your vehicle, your pet should always be properly restrained for both your and their safety. In the case of an accident, a dog can weigh up 30 times its weight upon impact while traveling at 35 mph. Today, many companies create seatbelt systems and crates to keep animals safely secured while on the road.
  • Never Leave Your Pet In the Car: In 70-degree weather and above, it takes only minutes for the temperatures in your car to escalate to triple digits. Leaving the window open an inch does not provide adequate ventilation. Many states are passing laws that prohibit leaving your pet alone in your automobile. So if your car is parked, please make sure to remove your pet from the car.
  • Bring Water: Car travel can make your pets feel anxious and result in nervous panting. Be sure to take frequent breaks during your trip to allow your pet the opportunity to re-hydrate.

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