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Ten Things You Should Know About Your Puppy

It’s always a happy moment for parents and children when they first acquire a new puppy. Most people receive a few elementary instructions on how to proceed from the breeder and all except the most foolhardy will have made preparations at home for the youngster’s arrival at their home.

Food bowls and dog beds, collars and leads, toys, and an ample supply of puppy rations, should await the pup on homecoming. With luck, the breeder will also point out the necessity of vaccination and deworming, recommending a timely veterinary visit so that health matters are in hand.

What else then do new puppy owners need to know during the early weeks and months of ownership if they are to give their pup the best chance of becoming a well-balanced, well-behaved, and loving family dog? Below is a list of 10 important things that new puppy owners should know or realize if they are to stand the best chance of success:


Reference to the 10 items discussed above will help to keep puppy owners on the right track and help them avoid making mistakes that may have far-reaching effects throughout the pup’s life. With these provisions in mind, a pup can grow up to be the best that he can be, happy and healthy, trusting and loyal, obedient yet confident, a model of the way a dog should be. Aside from all-important health considerations, appropriate socialization and protection of the pup from being exposed to abusive and disturbing circumstances are keys to success.