taking your puppy home

The Car Ride Home

How should you transport you new puppy home in the car? This is probably one of the first questions you ask yourself after you have signed off on your new puppy. Should he be transported in a crate? Should he be allowed to gallivant around between the seats? Should he be on your lap? Is it better to have him in the front or back? What are the issues? What are we trying to achieve and what risks are we trying to avoid?

And as with many other behavioral matters, these are questions for which everyone has answers. In case you hadn’t noticed, animal behavior is a subject about which everyone’s an expert. If you go to a cocktail party and ask 10 people how they would deal with a new pup, you will get 10 different answers, quite possibly all wrong.

Let’s look at the genuine concerns:

How To Proceed

Footnote: The Animal Welfare Act prohibits transporting puppies in commerce prior to the age of eight weeks.