The Complete Guide to Subscription Pet Boxes

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Brand: Surprise My Pet

Tagline: “A Monthly Box of Dog Supplies”

Key Facts: Includes 4-6 handpicked products per box; provides only treats sourced in the U.S. or Canada; inspects boxes before they’re shipped to assure items are healthy and safe for pets; does not utilize pet items from China; has an extra-small dog option; offers Facebook-related discount; supports animal charities.


Is a Pet Box Right for You?

Ultimately, the decision regarding whether to pursue a pet box subscription must be made on an individual basis by each dog and cat owner. However, here are some pros and cons associated with pet boxes to assist your decision-making process:

Pros of Pet Boxes

  • Provide monthly excitement for both you and your pet
  • Furnish unique and surprising array of pet products
  • Encourage human-pet bonding
  • Promote pet health, fun, and well-being
  • Educate pet owners regarding the available product offerings
  • Offer flexible membership plans
  • Support pet-related charities

Cons of Pet Boxes

  • Necessitate a considerable cost investment
  • Often require upfront payment
  • Disincentivize owners from seeking unique pet products on their own
  • Cannot guarantee your pet will enjoy the delivered products



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