Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Pet Care Providers

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Pet Care Providers

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Sometimes you just want to say “Thank you” with a little gift. This might be for your veterinarian, pet sitter, groomer or someone else that did something special for you and your pet. At other times you may want to say, “I’m sorry” for those who have lost a pet.

To help you think of gift ideas, we put together a list of items that are popular with animal care providers. We polled dozens of people ranging from dog lovers, cat sitters, dog sitters, veterinarians, veterinary students, veterinary technicians, groomers, pet walkers, and those who recently lost a pet. We hope you find our ideas useful.

  • Breed or pet specific coffee mug
  • Breed specific garments or jewelry – you can find these in your local pet store or specialty shop. Many local humane societies also have gift shops with some great items as well.
  • Take a photo of the pet and create a personalized gift – note cards, t-shirt, coffee mug, screen saver, etc. You can go to sites such as or even stores such as your local camera shop and they often have “easy to personalize with a photo” type gifts.
  • Gift card to Starbucks – a #1 favorite from our coffee lovers!
  • Blank stationary – this can be a thoughtful and useful for anyone!
  • Sculpture – of their pet or a pet of the same species or breed
  • Custom drawing or portrait of their pet – you can have portraits made
  • Small personal care or bath products basket – many health care providers was their hands a lot and are on their feet all day so often these are welcome gifts. Hand or foot cream or just about any personal product is welcome.
  • Gift certificate for manicure – an idea related to the above for those that are on their feet and using their hands all day.
  • Food! – Gift card for a local pizza place, Chipotle, or Panera – Find out where the office likes to order food and consider that in your selection.
  • Gift card for dinner out – this is always a popular item.
  • Gift card to – this allows the user to select anything from books, music or movies.
  • Vet students or Vet techs – pen lights, pocket protectors, bandage scissors, hemostats, or stethoscope
  • Gift card to a uniform store – this is a great gift idea for those that wear uniforms or scrubs. Even veterinarians can purchase shoes or lab coats from these places.
  • Scrub top with pets/animals – many clinics and shops allow employees to wear fun scrub tops with pets and animals them. They sell these at your local uniform store and even some big department stores have them.
  • T-shirt with pet theme – there are many cute designs, some with pets or just one with a pet theme.
  • Pen and pencil set – This is often a thoughtful gift for anyone.
  • Pet treats for their pet – make sure their pet is not on a special diet and select treats that their pet might like and made for the size of their pet.
  • Pet toys, beds, etc. – Pet lovers love this stuff. From those we polled – they can never get enough amenities for their pets!Do you have an additional suggestion? If so, Tell us by using the “Contact Us” link below!



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