Tip for Green Beans for an Overweight Pooch

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

During the winter months…especially in the NW corner of PA…dogs just don't get the exercise they need. Of course…neither do dog owners!!! When my 12-year-old keeshond begins to suffer from the mid-section bulge…I turn to cans of salt-free green beans. I will give her about 1/2 of the normal summer amount of a high quality weight control dry chow and a can of green beans as a chaser. She just loves them. I will also just give her a can in the evening if she needs to take the hunger pain edge off before going to bed. This replaces a dog treat that can be high in calories.

We now have a black beagle mix that…after her 1st winter with us…also began to suffer the bulge. She too enjoys the green bean diet right along with the kees.

Tip…. Salt-free cans can sometimes become quite expensive. I will use regular cans but I am very careful to rinse the beans in cold water several times to remove as much salted juice as possible. ALSO…it is VERY important to be sure that the chow that you do give your pet is of high quality so that they continue to get necessary vitamins in the lesser amount.

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