Tip on Avoiding Sweetener Toxicity

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

I was trying to improve my health and chose a natural sweetener called Xylitol to put in my cereal and milk. My 8-year-old Beagle, Travis had always gotten a little of my buckwheat cereal that had been sweetened with honey but when I switched to Xylitol and gave him just a few tablespoons full that were left in my bowl each morning he became very lethargic and did not want to play.

I took him to the Veterinarian and he told me that this natural sweetener is toxic to pets so I stopped giving it to him and he came back to his old playful self but it took about 3 weeks for him to overcome this toxic product. Please don't give your dog human food, as we don't know all about what is toxic to animals.

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