Tip on Avoiding Warm weather woes for pet owners

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

It's that great time of year now, to get outside and enjoy the incredibly nice days ahead.

My first concern is the chemicals that people treat their lawns with. Without realizing it, they are jeopardizing their pets health as well as their own. The chemicals get on our pets feet and on our shoes, which is then brought into the home. These chemicals can be toxic causing allergies or illness over a long period of time.

Another problem that I encounter during the warm summer months is the spilling of anti-freeze into the gutter. People take care of their cars and lawns without considering the possible harm it might be doing to innocent victims. More thought should go into using chemicals safely.

Keep your pets safe, by washing their paws after a walk. I do it all the time. Wash the bottoms of your children's shoes at least once a day. Every little bit helps. Here's to a healthy summer and all the rest of the year.

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