Tip on Dogs Shampoos and Conditioners

There is a shampoo and conditioner for every type of hair coat for dogs and cats. Many pets need regular bathing. Others need it periodically. If your pet has an ongoing skin condition, see your veterinarian. Use a product that is formulated for use on pets. Products manufactured for people are too harsh for your pet's delicate skin. They differ in pH, and most are designed to strip your hair and skin of oil. Oftentimes, this results in a dry, flaky coat for your pet.

There are color shampoos designed to enhance the sheen and color of white, black and brown dogs and really makes them shine. Detanglers and conditioners are great for medium to long coated dogs to make combing easier. The key to a successful bath is to make sure you rinse your pet thoroughly. Even when it seems like the product is rinsed out, rinse again a few more times. Soap residue will dull the coat and leave the skin feeling itchy.