Tip on Fish Oil for Dog Seizures

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

I have five dogs who have seizures. They all began on the same day…21 days after immunization with a vaccine that contained lepto. That 21st day all five started seizing, so we spent the next 48 hours holding one or two at a time as needed. We had to have people come help us. The seizures were horrible. The dogs would feel them coming on and while trying to get to me would end up walking on their back legs or slamming into the furniture. They were really awful seizures, lasting up to ten minutes and more. Often one would end and another would start almost immediately. Our vet wanted to put them on Phenobarbital but wasn't good with meds according to sources. Too much or too little could make it worse. Eventually she said we'd need to add another med to it. Then it all changed. After having my skin ripped open from a dog's seizure I called the VA clinic where my husband was and said he needed to get home ASAP. The doctor who was treating my husband heard the problem and told him to try fish oil. He had used it with his collies. We started them on fish oil each day and now I am happy to say that we go for months and months without any seizures at all. If there is one often it's such mild shaking that you don't realize it was a seizure. For those who have dogs with seizures, give it a try. We noticed a difference within two days.