Tip on Hiding Pills!

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

I am giving several of our cockers a tablet medication that is broken into small pieces and is difficult to get them to take because they have learned how to suck off the treat and spit out the bitter tablets! When I tried to move the prescription to a small pharmacy to have them crush and dispense in capsules (which the dogs don't seem to mind taking) the price doubled! Needless to say, I knew there had to be an in-between to this situation.

My pharmacist friend suggested that he could provide to me very cheaply, just the empty capsules to fill myself with the tablets as I broke them up…total cost was $2.85 for 100!!! I just wanted to remind people that if you ask enough of the right kinds of question, there is always a pet-friendly solution out there! We have a house of four Rescue cockers and all but one take medication of some kind due to age or other unfortunate situations, but we love them just the same (they are our kids) and we would do most anything for them, but any time we can save a $ or 2 in the process, it just means one more $ for another coming into rescue!

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