Tip on Making a Bland Diet for Dogs that Have been Vomiting

Many veterinarians recommend a "bland" diet for dogs that have been vomiting or had vomiting and diarrhea. The general approach is as follows when resuming food.

First, start with water. After the small increments of water are offered, gradually offer a bland diet.

Small frequent feedings of a bland digestible diet such as: Hill's prescription diet i/d, Iams Recovery Diet, Provision EN or Waltham Low Fat, are usually recommended. Homemade diets can be made of boiled rice or potatoes (as the carbohydrate source) and lean hamburger, skinless chicken or low-fat cottage cheese (as the protein source).

Return to regular dog food should be gradual over one to two days. If vomiting continues at any time or the onset of other symptoms are noted, call your veterinarian promptly.