Tip on Rice Cakes Make Great Dog Treats

Here is a tip from one of our PetPlace.com users:

Hello. We have 6 poodles in our house. 2 were rescues. Unfortunately, 2 of our dogs have many health issues including Diabetes. Lucy and her son Fred both became diabetics after being on prednisone for ITP due to their rabies shots. They both also have hypertriglicerimea, extremely high triglicerides so they are prone to pancreatic attacks. All dogs eat a very low fat home cooked diet. Needless to say packaged dog treats are out of the question. So, rice cakes are their favorites. Low in fat, sodium and calories. They especially like the cinnamon ones. They are much less expensive than dog treats and much better for them. Another benefit is when I break them into pieces, I can have a bite!

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