Tip on What to Do if Your Dog Has a Seizure

Tip on What to Do if Your Dog Has a Seizure

What to do if your dog has a seizure?

  • Do not panic. If your dog is having a seizure, he is unconscious and he is not suffering. Your dog may seem like he is not breathing, but he is.
  • Time the seizure. Actually look at a clock or watch and note the time; although it may seem like forever, it may only be 30 seconds.
  • Keep your dog from hurting himself by moving furniture away from the immediate area. Also protect him from water, stairs, and other sharp objects. If possible, place a pillow under his head to prevent head trauma.
  • Note what type of muscular activity or abnormal behavior does your dog exhibits during the seizures? Your veterinarian may want you to keep a record of the date and length of time of each seizure.
  • If the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes, call your veterinarian or veterinary emergency clinic immediately.
  • Dogs do not swallow their tongues. Do not put your hand in your cat's mouth – you may get bit. Do not put spoons or any other object into your dog's mouth.
  • Keep children and other dogs away from your seizing animal.
  • Remain by your dog's side; stroke and comfort your animal so when he comes out of the seizure you are there to calm him.

    For more information, please read Seizure Disorders in Dogs.

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