Tips for Exercising With Your Dog

Do you want to get in shape with your dog? Here are some ideas…

1. Walk – Walking can be a great cardiovascular workout, and it is a good starting point for out-of-shape dogs and / or owners. Walk at the park, around town, or a dog-friendly mall.

2. Run – Dogs LOVE to run! It provides a very effective full body workout for both pooch and person. Your dog's breed, age, and health should be considered when determining your running routine. Don't forget that short-legged dogs will have to work extra hard to keep up with your normal stride.

3. Hike – Enjoy the scenery and challenge your bodies as you and your dog share a trip through the heart of Mother Nature. Check out your local parks for dog-friendly trails. Don't forget to have your dog current on flea, tick, and heartworm prevention before trekking through those buggy areas!

4. Bike – This takes some coordination from both you and your dog, especially if the dog will be leashed. This workout is great for dogs who are too speedy for their owners to keep up with while running. Biking allows the dog to run at a fast pace beside the cycling owner. Be very careful when biking with your dog, and practice it slowly in a safe area before reaching high speeds.

5. Swim – If you have your own backyard pool or you have access to a lake or pond, swimming is another excellent full-body workout that you can enjoy with your dog. Not all breeds are designed for this activity, and not every dog is a talented swimmer. Allow beginner canine swimmers to practice supervised in a safe area.

6. Agility – Agility is a canine sport, which can demand a lot of activity from the owner as well. This fun sport allows your dog to run an obstacle course, while the owner often runs along side him giving commands and directions.

7. Retrieve – Frisbee, ball, stick….whatever drives your dog will do for a fun game of fetch. This activity is a great low-intensity workout for you, but will surely wear out your active dog.

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