Tips on Summer Holiday Hazards for Dogs

Tips on Summer Holiday Hazards for Dogs

Most summertime holidays revolve around pool parties, tailgate parties and barbeques. Fireworks may also be involved. Being conscious of potential pet hazards during the holidays can increase the chances of having a safe and happy holiday!

  • Be aware that pets can fall into pools and drown.
  • Fireworks can cause burns or severe gastrointestinal inflammation if ingested.
  • Serious intestinal problems can occur if many table scraps are fed.
  • Ingestion of charcoal and lighter fluid is dangerous.
  • Fishhooks are tempting and, if loaded with bait, quite tasty snacks.
  • If cooling off and rest time is not allowed, over heating and potential heatstroke can occur.

    For more information, read Summer Hazards.

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