Top 2004 Pet Products!

Spoil your pooch silly with the newest pet products available on the market. Whether it's Fluffy's birthday or Fido's special day, show the pups just how much you care about them. With America's increased spending on their four-legged family members, innovative and exciting new pet products are a treat for everyone! Below are the top pet products that Fluffy and Fido can't wait to get their paws on!

The top products are:

Clean Pet Shopper™ by Babe Ease, LLC

Spring fever's gotten to your pets? Why not take them shopping with you? The Clean Pet Shopper ™ provides a comfortable shopping environment for pets. Cats and Dogs can relax in a luxurious cushion while also getting to enjoy some fresh air and new scenery. The patented, one-piece design covers the entire seating area of the shopping cart to protect pets and their paws from slipping through. It's reversible, machine washable, and comes with a safety strap and convenient travel tote.

Chill-Out™ by Silk Road Oils, Inc.

This spring say it, by spraying it! Chill Out™ is a special aromatic blend of essential oils and plant infusions. Aromatherapy at its best is used to heal and nurture a pet's body mind and soul. This powerful blend of chamomile and lavender is designed to ease doggy anxieties and hyperactivity. Just mist the air around your pet and after a couple of inhalations, Chill Out will immediately calm an overactive pup. Chill Out is also great for separation anxiety, thunderstorms, or chronic barking. Now Fido and Fluffy can enjoy the beautiful spring weather right by your side!

Business Bags™ by Spike Brand

No matter what day of the year, pets still have business to do. With more pets outside in the spring and summer months it's important to get pet business cleaned up before the neighbor steps on it. Business Bags™ are made from real corn so they biodegrade completely in just 45 days. Other plastic bags litter landfills, taking centuries to decompose.

Pet Pajamas Sets™ Manufactured by I See Spot

Let Fido and Fluffy be fashionable and comfortable at night with stylish pajamas. Made of super soft combed cotton, these Pet Pajamas Sets™ are uniquely printed and detailed. A set of three PJ styles come in a boxed-set, offered in pink or blue color combinations. Your pets can have sweet dreams all season long.

Clicker Fun Kits™ for Dogs & Cats by KPCT

Spring is the perfect time to teach an old or new pet trick, by unlocking the power of clicker training. The Clicker Fun Kit ™ contains everything a pet owner needs to quickly learn this amazing system from the world's best-known clicker trainer and authoritative scientist. Teach good manners and cute tricks in minutes. Eliminate unwanted behavior without punishment.

Bug Box! Pre-pack Cricket ™ by The Bug Company

The Bug Company presents the Bug Box! Cricket™, a nifty pre-pack system that makes feeding your small pets easy. The box is designed for crickets to live up to seven full days without additional food or water. Bug Box! Crickets require no attention from retailers while providing convenient self-service for consumers. Spend spring enjoying and the warm weather outside instead of going to the pet store to buy food every few days.

DURA · BOWL Guardian™ by Duramark, Inc.

Who got the bugs out? That's what pets will be saying this spring when they notice a clean food and water bowl. There is nothing more annoying than to put food out for your pet only to find ants or other unhealthy and unsavory insects have attacked it. The DURA · BOWL Guardian™ from Duramark, Inc., is a two-level bowl that keeps food away from bugs while keeping the pet happy and healthy.

Pet Car Seat Lookout™ by O'Donnell Industries

Planning on traveling with your pet this spring? Statistics show that 68% of Americans travel with their pets each year. The patented Pet Car Seat Lookout ™ is the perfect safety seat for pets. The Lookout uses the seat belt as part of the restraint system so it's safe and comfortable for one or more pets to enjoy. Pets can get an eyeful of all the things the great outdoors has to offer.

BON A-PAW TETE by Gourmet Pet Food, LLC

Fat cats and top dogs can take off those few extra winter pounds this spring by enjoying gourmet pizza, salmon soufflé, apple meatloaf and many more delectable meals. BON A-PAW TETE is the first pre- cooked and frozen gourmet organic pet food dinner on the market for pets! Each mouthwatering and delicious meal is nutritionally analyzed, fortified with essential nutrients, and pre-cooked using all natural and certified organic meats, grains, vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.

As America's love affair with their pets continues to soar to new heights, pet companies are offering consumers products this spring like never seen before. Americans are on track to spend nearly $33.5 billion on pet products by 2005. Products, once seen as extravagant luxuries to pets of the wealthy, are now reaching homes and pets all across America.