Top Dogs with Strange Names

Dogs often have pretty typical breed names. Their country of origin and what they do for a living is standard. You hear the name German shepherd and you already know that this breed hails from Germany and was used to help shepherds. The West Highland white terrier is a little white earth dog originating in the West Highland area of Scotland.

But, some dogs have names that just seem a little strange. You may be able to figure out why he was given that name but usually, most people have to ask for the name to be repeated before they can even start trying to figure it out. Here is a list of some dogs with some unusual names – and you thought YOUR name was weird!

Munsterlander. Developed in Germany, this excellent hunting dog was named for the Munster region in northwestern Germany (where the famous cheese of the same name originated). Increasing in popularity, this dog is great on land and in the water.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen. Also known as the PBGV, this little dog has a big name. Once you understand what each part of the name means, you can understand the dog. Petit means small, basset means low to the ground, griffon means wirehaired and Vendeen refers to the area of France where the breed was developed.

Canaan dog. This breed dates back to biblical times and is a dog of Israeli descent. Named for the Land of Canaan, drawings of this breed have been found in tombs as old as 2000 BC.

Cane Corso. Originally used to hunt big game, the cane corso is slowly gaining popularity. Also known as the Sicilian mastiff, the origin of the name is debated. Some feel corso is from the Greek word kortos, meaning wall. Others feel it is from the Latin word cohors, meaning guard of the courtyard.

Havanese. Named after the Cuban capital of Havana, this small terrier was originally popular with Cuban royalty. Becoming more popular in the United States, the Havanese is a toy breed that was accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1996.

Harrier. Originally developed in England, the harrier is not a very common site. Bred as a hunter with lots of stamina, the harrier looks somewhat like a foxhound or big beagle. The term harrier is a Norman word for hound.

Dingo. As the native dog of Australia, the dingo is not a popular pet. Considered by many to be vermin, the Australian government has outlawed dingos as pets.

Fila Brasileiro. Also known as the Brazilian mastiff, the fila is a large and imposing dog. It also has the unfortunate reputation as being a potentially aggressive dog and has even been outlawed in certain countries.

Wetterhoun. Most often found in the Netherlands, the wetterhoun is used as a water dog, as the name implies. Also a good watch dog, the wetterhoun is slowly gaining popularity outside his native country.

Coton de Tulear. At first glance, this breed looks like a mutt but is actually an old breed from Madagascar. The word coton refers to the cotton-like quality to the hair. Since the breed was most often seen in the old town of Tulear, he is known as the coton de Tulear.

Pharaoh hound. One of the oldest breeds, the Pharaoh hound is appropriately named. As a breed coveted by royalty, it was not uncommon to see a Pharaoh on his way to the hunt with a falcon on one hand and a Pharaoh hound on the other.

Sloughi. Pronounced sloo-gee (with a hard g), this breed is related to the saluki and is also known as the Arabian greyhound. Named after the Arabic word slughi, meaning fast as the wind, the sloughi is a rare breed but gaining in popularity.

Dandie Dinmont. Named after a farmer in the 1814 novel Guy Mannering, the Dandie Dinmont is related to the Westie, cairn and Scottie.

Ibizan Hound. As the name suggests, the Ibizan hound hails from the island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain. This ancient dog has been found in the tombs of Pharaohs.

Kuvasz. Originally developed in Tibet, the kuvasz is a tall white dog that has proven to be an excellent working dog. Named from the Turkish word kawasz, meaning protector, the kuvasz is a natural guardian.

Catahoula leopard dog. An uncommon breed, the Catahoula has a beautiful swirling natural hair coat. Originally from Louisiana, this dog can be difficult for overly tender and doting owners.