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Top Dogs with Weird Hairdos

Labradors, golden retrievers, beagles and German shepherds are common sights at dog parks, walking with their owners or just lounging on the porch. But, there are a few breeds that have such an interesting look, they turn heads. Some have very specialized hair cuts and others have a naturally beautiful coat. Either way, these dogs have the coolest hairdos of any breed. Here is a list of the 10 most common dogs with fabulous style.

Chinese Crested. This breed is slowly gaining popularity. Not completely bald, the Chinese crested has some puffs of hair on the head and may have a very spotted skin. Despite his weird appearance, the Chinese crested is a great family pet.

Standard Poodle. The poodle is a very popular breed, especially the toy and miniature poodle. The standard poodle is also popular and, when sporting his show cut trim, can cause lots of stares.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. This uncommon dog is known as the “old hunter’s bird dog” since he will often run to the field and frequently return to check on his owner’s progress. With a wiry hair coat, the wirehaired pointing griffon is a shaggy looking medium sized dog.

Bedlington terrier. As one of the larger terriers, the Bedlington, when properly clipped, looks just like a lamb on first glance. With a fluffy pouf of hair on top of his head, this breed is known for minimal shedding.

Dandie Dinmont terrier. This little active terrier is related to the Scottish terrier, cairn terrier and West Highland white terrier. With a specialized hair coat that makes the dog look a little goofy to the novice, this breed is an excellent companion and family dog.

Mexican hairless. This hairless dog is also known as the Xoloitzcunintli. This dog really doesn’t have to worry about hair ribbons or bows and can do without the brushes and combs. The Mexican hairless confirms that ‘bald is beautiful’.

Komondor. The komondor is recognized by his mop head appearance. With white ropy locks of hair, this dog originated in Hungary. His primary purpose was to help shepherds and his hair coat is natural.

Rhodesian ridgeback. At first glance, this large, powerful dog looks like a normal reddish dog but when you look at his back, you can see why his coat is a little different. Originating in Africa, the ridgeback has a row of hair that grows in the opposite direction as the rest of his coat, resulting in his name.

Lowchen. If this little dog was called by his colloquial name, you might understand his strange hair cut. The Lowchen is referred to as the little lion dog and his grooming requirements certainly reflect this.

Puli. This is another Hungarian breed with a strange hair coat, similar to the komondor. Developed as a herding dog, the puli is a much smaller and darker version of the other mop head breed.