Top Safety Products for Your Pet

Top Safety Products for Your Pet

Safety is important, and many companies manufacture pet products that are stylish and practical. These products function to safeguard your pet by making him/her more visible.

We searched the Internet to come up with a buying guide to safety. Here are some ideas from our search on the web:

  • Pet Life Preserver. Designed so your dog can safely swim while keeping his head above water. Available in various sizes. Visit for more information. Additional life preservers can be found at
  • Reflective Bandanas. Safety and fashion are combined in colorful bandanas. These are great for the unpretentious pet that prefers to be cool and comfortable. Cheery colors by day and bright reflective colors at night keeps your pet safe. Visit for more information.
  • Reflective Collars and Leashes. Reflective collars and leashes have the advantage of being more visible at night. We recommend to never let your pet run unrestricted in an area where there is any chance of him or her running into traffic. Available from a number of pet stores and websites including
  • Pet First Aid Kit. A first aid kit is a good idea when you own any pet and can especially come in hand when traveling. Kit contains supplies such as bandages, hemostats, scissors and safety guide at
  • Microchipping. Not a fashion and not available on the Web, but nonetheless a real lifesaver, perhaps the best thing you can buy your pet. To some, implanting microchips in pets for identification has a decidedly James Bond-ish appeal. But hundreds of thousands of pet owners are asking their veterinarians to implant microchips in their furry or feathery friends. What's the advantage? If your pet gets lost, a handheld scanner – like the ones used at store checkout counters – can read the identification information in the chip and help reunite you with your buddy. See your local veterinarian for more information.
  • Car Seat Dog Vest Harness. Traveling or driving around with your dog should be safe and fun. Dog vest seat belt-style harnesses secure your pet in the car. This protects him from being injured by running around inside the car, which can distract you, the driver. The harness also helps protect him in the case of sudden stops. For more information, visit
  • Pet Safety Gates. Gates are available to secure pets away from rooms, stairs, fireplace, stove and barbeque as well as for play areas.
  • Truck Restraint Harness. Many dogs are injured or killed every year by jumping out of the back of pick-up trucks, even dogs that have ridden safely there for years. Harnesses are available that helps secure your dog in the back of the truck. Visit for more information.
  • Window Vents. Window vents allow your dog to get the feel of the wind rushing through his hair without sticking his head out the window! Window vents are available to use in your automobile to keep the window partially open to enhance ventilation. The window grill allows pets to safely get air without the risk of jumping out or sustaining eye injury. Pets should never be kept in a closed automobile due to the risk of heat stroke. Available at

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