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Top Ten Tips For Successful Shih Tzu Care!

Oh the Shih Tzu what a delight he is. Lovable, adorable and wonderful companion dogs. We will give you 10 tips to help you successful care for your Shih Tzu and keep him or her as healthy as possible.

Not only does the Shih Tzu fit into any home as the perfect companion he is also so laid back that he is virtually horizontal. This little dog is a complete love bug and whether you are new to the Shih Tzu game or an old hand at Shih Tzu care take a look at our top ten tips for a happy little dog and a happy home.

Despite being a superb companion the Shih Tzu is all dog under that sweet smile. Dogs need certain things to be healthy, happy and to behave like small superstars, so ask yourself, do you apply our top ten tips for your own contented Shih Tzu?

10 Tips to Help Keep Your Shih Tzu Healthy and Happy

Good Shih Tzu Diet!

1. Good food is paramount. Does your dog’s diet contain all of the vitamins and minerals that your Shih Tzu needs? Good quality food has quality ingredients written on the packaging based upon whole foods and not chemicals.

2. No artificial additives, coloring or flavoring is an acceptable part of a good and healthy diet for your dog. If your beloved Shih Tzu is eating dinner that has a lot of long names in, scientific and purposely long which you don’t understand, then it’s time for a food overhaul.

3. Watch for the itching, an itchy Shih Tzu is telling you that something is going on. If your little dog is all itchy scratchy and there is no sign of fleas then his immune system might be protesting at the quality and ingredients of his food. Add some essential fatty acids such as fish or flax oil to keep that coat shining.

Protect Your Shih Tzu from Parasites – Jumpers and Biters Beware!

4. External parasites need chasing away. Look out for any signs of fleas or ticks in the coat of your Shih Tzu. If they do appear then get them treated quickly to get your dog flea free. Don’t treat just as a precaution though, a rinse with apple cider vinegar will deter fleas without subjecting your already flea free Shih Tzu the needless chemicals.

5. Watch out for worms. Internally worms can cause upset by irritating the digestive tract. The dog may lose out on vitamins and nutrition to the little parasites so look for worms in his poop along with unexplained weight loss.

Shih Tzu Love Play Time – Get Out and Play!

6. Walkies time! The Shih Tzu does not need a great deal of walking but he does need some. Walking will keep him fit, happy, healthy, maintain a good body weight and give him something to look forward to every day. A daily wander will benefit your own life in exactly the same way so get your jacket on and off to the park you go.

7. Puppy (or adult dog) social! All dogs need company of other friendly dogs. They are group animals that love to play and they also learn how to interact from each other. If you deprive your Shih Tzu of playtime with other dogs then you are reducing his quality of life and no dog owner wants to be responsible for that!

Logical Learning Shih Tzu Style

8. Teach him the rules. Before you teach your Shih Tzu the rules then you need to decide on them yourself and stick to your decision. If you teach your dog what you would like from him by kind and consistent reward then he will be far more informed. You might be surprised but dogs are not naturally naughty, they are just responding to inconsistent handling from their people.

9. Learning makes dogs happy. Whether you teach your Shih Tzu clever tricks or show him exactly how you want him to behave, with positive training, your little dog will love you far more if you help him to exercise his mind.
10. Coach your Shih Tzu with love, rewards, and kindness. Never punish your Shih Tzu. Punishment doesn’t work and will only hurt both of your feelings.

So there you are, if your Shih Tzu is well fed, cared for, understood and exercised in body and mind he will be the happiest little dog alive. They don’t ask for much do they? The least we can do is deliver!